Wazifa To Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Wazifa To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Wazifa To Stop Drinking Alcohol or for alcoholic husband can be use to leave alcohol. Just use our wazifa for alcohol addiction and see perfect result within some time.

Nowadays it seems like everybody has some amount of drinking problem. And we often have to face nuisance for drunk people. Furthermore, they harass other people too. Also drunk people pass harsh comments. And they also beat up people.

Wazifa To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Wazifa To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Getting drunk is forbidden in a lot of religions. Furthermore, it is considered as a sin in religions like Islam too. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, you should leave it as soon as you can because it will surely kill you. And if it does not then it will do a lot of harm in a manner that you cannot turn around.

And if you already know what harmful effects can alcohol force on you furthermore if you want to leave it altogether. Then what can be better than taking help from God?

As the mighty turn away from nobody. If you seek help from him he will surely help you. Here we are providing Wazifa for alcoholic husband, Wazifa to leave alcohol, Wazifa for alcoholic addiction.

So if you want to leave the godforsaken habit of drinking, then keep following what is written here. And if you’re going to make someone close to you leave this habit. Then help that person with wazifa to stop drinking alcohol. And then see the person heal from this serious sin.

Wazifa For Alcoholic Husband

Here we are providing wazifa for alcoholic husband. Wives are the person who is directly affected by husbands who drink alcohol. And as it is a bad habit. They need wazifa for alcoholic husband.

First of all, you should recite your evening and morning athkaar. If you do this you will have the primary support of god. Also you need to recite the three sequels.

These guys are Surah ikhlas. And Surah falaq. Also Surah Naas. And you need to recite these quals three times each. After you are done with reciting you need to rub the wazifa all over your body.

Now you need to recite the actual dua that is going to help you with your husband’s drinking problem. The dua is Bismillaahil-latheelaayadurruma’aismihee shay-unn fil ardhiwalaafis-samaa-iwahuwa-samee’-ul-baseer

This dua is your real help. As whenever you recite this with all your mind and heart you will surely get relief from god. And it will also help you to fight the great evil of drinking.

You will see after this, your husband will stop enjoying drinking alcohol and will be involved in the household. Also, he will listen to you when you ask him not to drink alcohol.

But you need to recite the wazifa correctly. If you have a child, then your husband will be more attentive to him than alcohol. And he will be also alert to the matters of households too. So do not conjure any fear. And keep your total faith in the almighty God and recite the duas and wazifas.

Wazifa To Leave Alcohol

Wazifa To Leave Alcohol, In this segment, I am going to provide wazifa to leave alcohol. It does not matter that you want this wazifa for you or someone else. And reciting the wazifa and keeping your intentions clear in your mind and heart will surely bring success. Furthermore, it will surely help you to leave alcohol.

You need to recite the wazifa of Allah Subhan Waa Taala and the great prophet Muhammud. Also, you need to recite the al wadood wazifa. 900 times approx. Also this is required to be done after taking the name of SalaatulIsha.

Although This wazifa can be done by the person, who is addicted to alcohol, and this can also be done by someone who is disturbed by these bad habits of the person who drinks alcohol. Even you can ask some molviji or person of the god to recite and perform the wazifa properly.

After you have followed all that is written here correctly. The person of lousy habit needs to blow breath inside a glass. Furthermore That glass should be full of water. And keep the water cold. You must do this wazifa for continue 21 days. Most noteworthy if you are a woman in your menstrual period you cannot perform this wazifa.

But be assured that it is a powerful wazifa. And all drinking-related problems will surely go away with this. Furthermore, it is you need to know the proper way. And if you recite this in a proper way you don’t have to worry about any drinking problem.

Wazifa For Alcohol Addiction

Wazifa For Alcohol Addiction, Nowadays we see all the time people with chronic alcohol addiction. We feel pity or them. As they cannot take care of themselves when they are drunk. Also as their behavior gets wrong with alcohol we don’t want to go near them too. Also this bad habit eats you up from within. So whatever we feel we must help a person need. Whether the person wants it or not.

So at least and also at most what we can do is. Pray to god. Take his blessings. And try to befall those blessings upon the person who is into this evil effect. So we can try out Salat Hajat for this. Also, we can try out to make prayer about the drunkard person. With this we also need to encourage the person to leave this bad habit.

To perform Salat Hajat, you need to recite

Waalaikumu as salamuwarah


With this pray two amount of Rak’ah and then make dua about the person who needs to leave alcohol. Also, with this, you can read Al Fatihah for leaving alcohol.

Through doing these. The almighty God will open the alcoholic person’s heart towards the path of light. And it will help the person to achieve a properly working state. Furthermore in this state the person will despise getting drunk and will be completely free from this evil habit.

Just remember to follow everything exactly as it says in the article. If you think you cannot do it properly contact a person who is well learned in the ways of God.

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