Dua To Protect Reputation

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Dua To Protect Reputation

Dua To Protect Reputation or to protect from humiliation can be use for protection from disgrace. You can get our dua for protection from harm for most protection.

Reputation comes after a lot of sacrifices and hard work. But, it is way more challenging to preserve it. People often achieve great things and build a reputation. But, they fall when they lose it. No wants to lose it after attaining.

Dua To Protect Reputation

Dua To Protect Reputation

All you get in life is by the will of Allah. He has the capability of giving you reputation and humility. Hence, you must seek protection from Allah. The one who lies under the protection of the Almighty Allah can never taste humility. Thus, being loyal to your god and offering prayers can help you to stay on the right track.

Dua has the power to bring reforms, even in critical cases. It can provide the best results where your efforts die. We believe in the power that every verse in the Holy Quran holds. And make our best efforts to bring out every solution through the Islamic way.

Dua To Protect From Humiliation

Dua To Protect From Humiliation, You cannot find a single person on earth who never have ever tasted humiliation. Life is full of various challenges, and people often fail those who expect much from them.

Humility is a dangerous thing when it goes out of control. Therefore, a person needs to fight back to overcome it. Otherwise, he will keep losing his self-respect as well as self-esteem.

But, the mighty Allah is always there to ease your pain. If you expect mercy from Allah, must reach out to him for help. You must have to call him every time in your prayers. He will be watching over you and eventually make things easier.

We have the perfect dua to protect from humiliation. You need to perform the dua to protect from humiliation so that you can have a stress free life. Here is the dua that you need to recite but must perform as we have instructed:

  1. Make ablution. Keep yourself clean and wear appropriate clothing.
  2. Then, make yourself calm in solitude. Find a place for your prayers.
  3. Now, read the following dua to protect from humiliation.

Allahumma, inni a’udhu bika minal-faqir wa a’udhu bika min al-qillati wadh-dhillati, wa a’udhu bika an azlima aw uzlam

  1. Here is the translation for the dua we have mentioned above.

O Allah, I look for shelter from you, I look for protection from humiliation and disgrace, and I look for protection from the wrongdoings of the evil.

  1. You must go through the translation to understand the meaning. It will help you to bring clarity to your intentions.
  2. Our prophet Muhammad (sal Allah hu alai hi wa sallam) used to recite it.

Dua For Protection From Disgrace

Dua For Protection From Disgrace, Life gives you hard times when they have to face humility and disgrace. Life does not stay the same. It fluctuates and often gives you the hardest time of your life.

As disgrace is intolerable, you might lose your self-esteem and become hopeless. People often face disgrace at any point of their life, but it does not mean they give up on proceeding further on their life.

If you are going through such a bad phase in your life, we have the solution for you. We provide dua for protection from the disgrace that can help you come out of your bad phase.

We want you nothing but follow what we instruct. In this way, you will be capable of protecting yourself from disgrace. Here, we have described the procedure to perform dua for protection from disgrace correctly:

  1. Firstly, you have to be clean. Take a bath and then do ablution.
  2. Choose the perfect place for your sound concentration. Make sure no one can disrupt your focus while you are performing the dua.
  3. Rabbanaa wa atinaa maa wa’adtanaa ‘alaa rusulika walaa tukhzinaa yawmal-qiyaamati, innaka laa tukhliful-mee’aad
  4. Read the above-mentioned dua for hundred times a day.
  5. Here is the translation of the supplication you are performing.
  6. The Almighty Allah, please have your mercy on us as we seek nothing but protection against the wrongdoings of the evil that you have created.
  7. Understand what you are performing as it will make your efforts more effective.
  8. We have taken the dua mentioned above from the Holy Quran in the Surah al Imran verse number 194.

Make sure to perform these powerful verses as it can help you escape from humility and disgrace.

Dua For Protection From Harm

Dua For Protection From Harm, You never know what life will give to surprise you. You might get stuck in trouble. Undoubtedly, life is uncertain, and we are unaware of future events.

But, we all want to be safe and pray for our well-being. If you’re going to seek the protection from the almighty Allah, you must have to recite the right verses that reach out to him. Hence, knowing and performing the correct dua is necessary for effectiveness.

Seeking protection from Allah is necessary. After all, he is the creator of the whole universe. And not a single feather can be blown by the wind until he allows it. Indeed, you will be in the most powerful shelter that no other can provide.

We have come up with a dua for protection from dua mentioned above is the most powerful and brings quicker results. Indeed, Allah is the omnipotent one, and every single event happens according to his will.  Hence, you need to perform our provided dua for protection from harm.

We have mentioned the best dua for protection from harm that you have to perform sincerely. The specialty of this supplication is that you can recite it anywhere you. You will be in the protection of the mighty Allah no matter where you are.

The dua is written below:

‘A’udhu bi kalimaati Allah hil-taam’mah min shar’ri ma khalaq’a.

The Translation of The Dua

I look for nothing but mercy from the almighty Allah and seek protection from the evil of that which he created.

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