Ruqyah For Marriage And Relationship Issues

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Ruqyah For Marriage And Relationship Issues

Ruqyah For Marriage And Relationship Issues or for marriage blockage can be use for marriage separation problems. You can use our ruqyah for marriage life problems.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage And Relationship Issues?

Ruqyah is a tool of Allah to treat one’s marriage and relationship problems.  Marriage and relationship is a very important avenue in one’s life. Many times people want to marry a person. With whom they are in a love relationship.

Ruqyah For Marriage And Relationship Issues

Ruqyah For Marriage And Relationship Issues

It is good to marry a person whom you are in a love relationship because you know him better due to a better understanding of each other. There is not any compatibility issue after marriage.

But sometimes due to unwarranted reasons. It isn’t easy to take one’s love relationship towards marriage.

Obstacles in taking your love relationship to marriage-

  • Individual family is against their marriage.
  • Your lover is not strong enough to decide marriage or procrastinating it.
  • Societal issue, i.e., caste problem.
  • Either you or your lover is not inclined towards marriage.

But now you don’t have to worry about it. Because we are here to solve your marriage problem by changing your love relationship to marriage, it is possible by ruqyah for marriage and relationship.

Marriages are made in heaven and are a universal truth.  Marriage of people is based on mutual trust, Love, and honor. But many times, there is a problem in marriage because of some argument, understanding, or any other issue.

Ruqyah for marriage and relationship is Allah blessing, which cure all your marriage problems. It is necessary to trust Allah and do ruqyah so that you have a peaceful and prosperous married life.

Ruqyah for marriage and relationship-

Al Dawood e baqr e walah Salalah ali su

It would help if you recited this ruqyah every day 51 times.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Blockage?

Ruqyah For Marriage Blockage, Marriage blockage of your lover is necessary when because of your one small mistake, your lover breaks his love relationship with you—and then going to marry someone else.

Despite you apologize many times to your lover for your mistake. It does not work for you. But you still want him back in your life because you love him. In this situation, it isn’t easy to convince your lover.

But don’t worry if the situation is not in favor of you because we are here to help you in such a situation by providing you ruqyah for marriage blockage.

By using ruqyah, you can block your lover marriage so that you can get time to correct things that go wrong in your love relationship.

Ruqyah for marriage blockage-

Al- muhaamad-e-wali sun aabar hun salaaha Har baraam salaaha allaha bakr e walaaha

Steps to perform ruqyah for marriage blockage-

  • Sit alone in a serene and isolated place.
  • Lit a Diya in front of your lover image.
  • Recite this ruqyah 51 times in a day
  • Do this for 21 days.

Soon you find that your love marriage is blocked. Then you can take him closer to you so that your understanding with your lover is getting better. And you rectify all the problems in your love relationship.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Separation Problems?

Ruqyah For Marriage Separation Problems, Marriage separation is one of the major problems in one’s life because of various reasons like-

  • compatibility issues
  • Understanding problem.
  • Lost Love in a couple’s life.
  • Your partner is attracted to someone else and break his marriage with you.
  • Argument and fight on something.

No matter what is the reason of marriage separation, its result is that one has to suffer from it.  Many times in life, you try to prevent your marriage separation, but it is unfruitful no matter how hard you try.

By preventing your marriage to break. You can save many people lives from troubles. Because when there is marriage separation of any couple. It hurts the lives of their children. That’s why saving your marriage is a bliss for your children.

But many times, it is not easy to prevent marriage separation because when your relationship with your husband is deteriorated. Then it isn’t easy to mend your marital relationship. In such a condition, you need not have to worry about because ruqyah for marriage separation is the solution to your problem.

ruqyah for marriage separation-

all Muhammad illahi Rehmat walah dawaaaod karam wallah salaah

Steps to perform ruqyah for marriage separation-

  • Sit in an isolated place where no one can disturb you.
  • Lit a Diya in front of photo of your husband
  • Recite this ruqyah 71 times in a day for 90 days
  • On the last day of ruqyah take photographs of your husband and put that photograph in your bedroom.

When you completed ruqyah for marriage separation, you find that problem in your life, which leads to marriage separation, is now resolved.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Life Problems?

Ruqyah For Marriage Life Problems, Marriage is a blessing in one’s life. But many times, due to some problems after marriage, people cannot live a happy married life. These problems are self-created or due to some other person.

 Some of the common marriage problems in one’s life are-

  • Difference in opinion.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Unfaithfulness by your partner.
  • Too much suspicion by your partner.
  • Due to a busy schedule, you cannot get time for your partner.

To resolve marriage life problems is essential to live a happy married life. People try hard to resolve marriage life problems, but it is not easily possible. But now you don’t have to worry about it because there is a solution to your problem, which is ruqyah for marriage life problems.

Ruqyah, for marriage life problems, is an ecclesiastical tool of Allah for personal problems in married life. No matter what kind of problem is yours. Ruqyah can resolve it because it is a perfect solution for one’s life problems.

Ruqyah for marriage life problems-

Ya ant reebei ilaahha  ant ilaahha,  wana abduuk, waana alaa ahdicka waa waahdick mstaata-hata, auuthuu biikaa shre saanaa-hat, abuh

Steps to do ruqyah for marriage life problems-

  • Find a clean and serene place.
  • Put photographs of both of you.
  • Recite ruqyah for marriage life problems 91  times in a day. In the direction of mecca.
  • Do this for 120 days.

Then you find that all the problems between you and your husband is resolved now. As a result of that now you can live a happy and peaceful life with him.

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