Dua To Solve Family Problems

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Dua To Solve Family Problems

Dua To Solve Family Problems, I wonder how great that would be if houses were trouble proof. That no trouble, no misery will ever be able to touch you or your family. The truth is life is not that simple. It takes unwanted turns and put forward the uncertainties. When everything seems to go smooth, suddenly everything goes wrong.

And, it is how life does its justice. There are families who live their lives in constant problems. When one trouble seems to end, the other begins in no time. Either there will be constant health issues or money problems. Men in the family find it so hard to earn or save money. Women might undergo health issues and children may not readily listen to their parents.

Dua To Solve Family Problems

Dua To Solve Family Problems

These all-time issues bring unhappiness. It makes people suffer day and night. And, since it is a family, if one person is in problem then it ultimately affects the entire family. We all crave peace and happiness. When happiness is all around you, it naturally increases your life. And, indeed you want to live more.

If troubles are all around you, there is no will to live more. Slowly you will become to hate your own life. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things don’t go right. your business fails or the job doesn’t go right. There is someone in the family who gives you a health scare day and night.

Dua to get rid of family problems

When all these troubles go around you or your family. It is so natural that you become heartbroken and lost all the hopes. But, where all your hopes and your expectations end. Allah and his blessings begin. The one who has true faith in Allah will hold on no matter what. These are the little test which we all have to give.

Nobody is living a perfect life. There is no journey which has no hurdles. We all have to take the challenges which are written for us. There is no way of escaping them and running from them. So, stop blaming your destiny and Allah. Change your view of life. Like I always say, if Allah has given you the troubles, he will only provide you with the solutions.

That means you really need to hold on. And stop doubting Allah and his plot which he has already written for you. These are the little troubles and there are many people around you have gone through worse. They have lost everything in life and still continuing their lives. Trying to live their lives in a normal way and find happiness in the little things around them.

Sometimes, we imagine things to be far worse than they actually are. We tend to suffer because we expect more. These undue expectations are the real reason that most of the times our mind creates trouble. Learn to find satisfaction in whatever little or more you have. Your destiny is not the same as that of your neighbor or the other family.

Best dua for family issues

What they have you cannot and what you have they cannot. And this is the simple mantra of your life. Having troubles is one thing and getting into the troubles on purpose is another. When you create the problems by yourself then you make your family suffer too.

There are many people in the world, who despite all the troubles are still carrying on. There are sons who on their shoulders are carrying the weight of the entire family. Daughters who are acting as sons and running their families. These people who are kids do their jobs without even a complaint.

It is always better to look at the people who are below you. This will give you the motivation to live your life better, deal with the challenges of your life in a better way. We always look above us thus fail to satisfy our oneself. Always look for ways to deal with your problems. Blaming is easy and finding a solution to any problem is difficult you can use best dua for family issues to get solutions.

The truth is none of us wants to do the difficult part. when we fail to solve the little issues ourselves. So, when life throws at the bigger challenge, we find ourselves in trouble. This is how Allah tests all of us. He looks in us for the required patience. He tests our faith and sees whether in the time of this trouble we still stay on his path or not.

You first need to ask yourself all these questions. Your actions are the real solution to your problems. At times you just have to act. If you keep on blaming your situation and expect someone else to come and free you from your troubles. Then that is never going to happen. How many times people will come and solve your problems?

And if you are in real trouble and your family is suffering for real. Despite all your efforts, things are not getting better. Then Allah is there for you without a doubt. Ask him and he will give you more than you even expect. He will end all your misery in no time.


Life offers no shortcuts and same is with dua. From now on be regular with your namaz. Prayer has the power to change your destiny.

You can recite the Surah Kafiroon after the surah Hamd. This dua surah has the power to change even what is already written for you.


All the members in your family should recite day and night, the following ayat:

“Lahawla wala quwata illa billah” this will start to open the knots. And you will see the change in your circumstances. All your works will begin to complete. And inshallah, your problems will leave you soon.

Stay on the path of Allah and only expect from him the help. He will open the doors for you and bring you the help. Make all your worries go away. I hope you find this helpful. May Allah be with you, Ameen.

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