Wazifa To Protect Pregnancy

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Wazifa To Protect Pregnancy

Wazifa To Protect Pregnancy or for normal delivery can be use for baby growth during pregnancy. We will provide you dua for keeping baby safe during pregnancy. Your child is a gift from God. And his safety is your responsibility. But often, protecting pregnancy can be a source of tension for the parents. Often they take stress about the well-being and health of the baby. But anxiety and stress themselves are not good for the health of the expected mother. They must abide by Islamic blessings and should remain stress-free after that.

All these wazifas will lead you one step forward towards your journey of motherhood. The wazifa for normal delivery ensures a smooth and normal procedure of delivery. It disables any further complications for the mother. At the same time, it also makes sure that no operation-related complication arises. Yes, here we are talking about cesarean delivery. It prevents unnecessary stitches in your body.

Wazifa To Protect Pregnancy

Wazifa To Protect Pregnancy

Another source of tension for any expected parents is to ensure the proper growth of their baby. The wazifa for baby growth during pregnancy helps in making the baby grow healthier. It immunizes the body system and keeps both baby and mother safe. The baby inside the mother’s womb will be stronger with each passing day. With the wazifa, all your health-related concerns that you inherit during the pregnancy will also wither away slowly. And soon, you can lead a normalized lifestyle.

Your baby’s life depends on you. As a parent, you can’t afford to ignore any small detail and risk his life. He’s a part of your own body now. But many hurdles can block your way to deliver him normally. Such intensity of hurdles can come that becomes very difficult to overcome. Even via scientific process is not possible. In such cases, the dua for keeping the baby safe during pregnancy is your only ray of hope.

Wazifa For Normal Delivery

Wazifa For Normal Delivery, If you are one of those who gets scared of knives and scissors, then here’s a blessing for you. After the delivery, every mother wants to return to their normal lifestyle. But with cesarean delivery, such hopes have limited scopes for application. Many restrictions will come in your way if your doctors fail to make the child’s normal delivery.

Like backbone and ankle, pain will be a daily issue for you. With this wazifa for normal delivery, you can get rid of those unwanted complications. If you are in the initial stage of the pregnancy, then you must follow the process.

  • Pick a Tuesday and start drinking boiled water for the next seven consecutive days without fail. But ensure that the water you drink is not too hot.
  • On the night of the seventh day, perform the Isha namaz with full concentration.
  • Recite durood e Shareef for ten times without any outside interruption.
  • Meditate for ten minutes for two reasons. First to communicate with him and express your concerns. And secondly, to keep yourselves calm.
  • End the wazifa for normal delivery with an ayat :

Shukraan lak Allah ealaa hamaltay Kama ana fi al marshall alssabiqat lawant  min fadlik attain altaslim aleadii

perform this for the next two weeks and get assured that you will have normal delivery in the future.

However, if you are in the mature pregnancy stage, then change the ayat and narrate the following:

alrb ana final ayam alqalilat  almadiat min hamal ablation  alraja musaeadati fi  alhamal altabieii 

with this, you can be at peace that you will have a normal and safe delivery.

Wazifa For Baby Growth During Pregnancy

Wazifa For Baby Growth During Pregnancy, In general, if you are pregnant, you need a healthy lifestyle. It is the primary determinant of your baby’s growth. But things are not always that easy. Even with a healthy lifestyle, complications can arise. And as a byproduct, your baby will come out with a premature trait. As a mother, it’s your responsibility to resist such happenings.

The wazifa for baby growth during pregnancy will help you to survive in such cases.

The process is very simple. It is:

  •  Make ablution in the name of your future baby.
  • And take a bath after that. Wear light color clothes, preferably cotton clothes.
  • Then start doing your usual fajr namaz. End the namaz by reading chapter 23 of the Quran. Please keep in mind that you have to read the entire chapter. And can’t skip any part out of lethargy.
  • Following that, recite the verse of the wazifa for baby growth during pregnancy with correct pronunciation:

kama taelem anani fi marhalat alhaml lukunani mutawatirat linumui tafli  yrja alaitilae anah yahsul ealaa kl altaghdhiatalllazimaa

Repeat the wazifa about twenty times. And soon, you will start to feel the healthy growth of your baby inside your womb.

  • Blow it off in a glass of milk and drink it. While drinking, think about your baby.

Soon Allah will acknowledge your problem. And will address them smoothly. Allah is our parents. And whenever comes any difficulty, and he takes that as his responsibility to eliminate so. Therefore, don’t lose hope as it can also affect your baby’s growth. The wazifa for baby growth during pregnancy is a tried and tested gift from the lord.

Dua For Keeping Baby Safe During Pregnancy

Dua For Keeping Baby Safe During Pregnancy, Keeping the baby safe and showing him days the light is a challenge in itself. Carrying a baby for nine months is very difficult for you. But at the same time, it’s the most special delight in your life. The dua for keeping the baby safe during pregnancy enables it to deliver the child smoothly.

The process is very simple:

  • On the Wednesday of the last week of Ramadan begin the dua.
  •  In the evening time after the Maghrib, namaz recite fi akdam al rib for hundred times. In this way, you are showing your great fullness to the almighty. And acknowledging his presence in your life.
  • Followed by that narrate the ayat:

Yea, rabu saeidni fi  Hamal tafli baman himayatuh min jmye  Aleaqabat ghyr aldaruria. 

Repeat the dua about fifty times in the next three days.  It will provide you a positive vibe. You will start feeling much more lighter and fit that earlier with the dua. However, remember that the dua for keeping the baby safe during pregnancy is not a spell or black magic. It is only a dua coming from Allah’s side. So, never misinterpret it and connect it with any superstitious activity.

During the entire pregnancy cycle, always think good of others. And never harm others. It is so because if Allah is blessing you with his wishes. Then he also expects honesty and good behavior from your side. Never offend him.  Don’t forget to say shukraan ya rabu e Allah after the delivery. Inshallah, give a healthy birth to your baby. Thus, use the wazifa to protect pregnancy and always stay happy with your little bundle of joy.

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