Powerful Dua For Your Parents To Stop Fighting in 11 Days

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Dua For Your Parents To Stop Fighting

Dua For Your Parents To Stop Fighting, Most parents do not realize that kids observe and understand everything. It has been our nature to underestimate our kids. But kids are more sensitive to the slightest conflict in the house. Even without discussion, they can know if parents have been arguing. They understand better, the stress in their parents. Yet, often they are too scared to speak up and act indifferent. This is more of a defense mechanism in kids. They realize their helplessness to change the situation and try to ignore it.

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The rift between parents has caused a significant impact on the child’s psyche. Many kids have lost their ways in their bid to avoid “family drama“. With the growing tension in the house, they try to find comfort elsewhere. However, running away from a situation has solved nothing. If you want to solve the problems with your parents, ask for help from Allah. By doing the dua for your parents to stop fighting, you can get Allah to fulfill your desire. No matter how bad the fight is, for Allah nothing is impossible. Allah will eliminate any cause of stress between them. Even bring your parents, close to each other. Allah can bring back the lost happiness in your family.

Dua For Your Parents To Stop Fighting

Dua For Your Parents To Stop Fighting

Parents never want to involve their kids in their arguments. Also, they never feel good about being vulnerable in front of kids. Which is why perhaps they often get angry when kids try to get involved.

Dua to stop family fights

What frustrates them is that they couldn’t stay strong in front of kids. Unfortunately, they take out their frustration on the kids itself. This makes it impossible for the kids to get involved. But when you are out of options, always turn to Allah. Pray to him and make the dua.

Dua to stop family fights

Dua to stop family fights

Parents may have their differences in a lot of matters. Running a family always comes with its challenges. And often when the partners do not trust each other, they end up questioning and challenging each other at every bad turn.

This causes a constant rift eventually driving the parents apart. When parents fight, the whole family goes through stress. And when parents part ways, it breaks the family into pieces. Then, your only hope is to use the dua for your parents to stop fighting.

Parents are the foundation of every child’s life. Till a child grows up into an adult, parents are the guardian. Parents nurture, groom and provide an environment for the child to grow. Without parents, the child’s fate is doomed.

Yet, at times, parents lose their ways. In the rage, they make decisions that bring the family to an end. how much can a child hope to help? Thankfully, Allah is there to answer prayers. Use the dua for your parents to stop fighting and let Allah fix the problem for you.


  1. Doing a proper wuzu is must for this ritual.
  2. After your Ishan Namaz, sit in a clean place in the house and think of your parents.
  3. Begin by reciting Durood-e-Shareef, 11 times.
  4. Then, recite for 141 times, the below dua for your parents to stop fighting

yaahaaqaqilaail aahaaillaaaantaa subhaanaakaainnii kuuntoomiinaazzaala ameenaa. yaasaayyi daalkaareemaibi’ hurmaateee bismillaahiraraa’ hmaananirraa’heema. ammaana- yuajeebua-al mudtaarraaizaaadaa- “aaahuainnaakaa feenaaakaa lamustaahzi-oon. yaa ‘haayyuayaaqaayyumuabiraa ’hmaatikaaa sataagheesua. alalaa hummaasaahhilwaa -yaassirraab biyalaataazaara nee faardaana-a waa-aantaakhaair-ul- waareseenaa. ‘haasbiya ‘ansooaaa lee ‘ilmukaabi’ haaalisu bhaanaa laqaahearil qaadeerilakaafiya.

  1. Then recite the supplement dua once –

allahummainnia’ oodhubika mina al-hammwa’l -haznwa’l- ajzwa’l- kasalwa’l- bukhlwa’l- jubnwadalawa’l- daynwaghalbat al-rijal

  1. Finally, recite again Durood-e-Shareef, 11 times.
  2. Now, pray to Allah, to bring your parents close and mend their relationship.

Do this dua for your parents to stop fighting for 11 days. Allah gives special importance to the prayers of the young ones. With all your heart, ask Allah to make your parents love again. Talk to your parents about your dua.

Dua for parents fighting

Tell them what you are feeling. Tell them how it would feel to choose one over the other. Give them your love and make them promise they will forgive each other. At times, Parents may lose sight of what is important. But when you share your feelings that could help them know where they are going wrong.

Take help, if you can’t perform the dua. Go to the Mosque and talk to local Moulvi. Discuss your desire and learn how to use the dua for your parents to stop fighting.

If you need, you can also take the help of an Islamic Astrologer, who can do the dua, on your behalf. You can get two Taveez for your parents and make them wear it. This will get them to forget their differences and come together. You will have your happy family moments again.

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