Dua For Good Understanding

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Dua For Good Understanding

Dua For Good Understanding, As a human being, you see so many relationships around you. The strength of each relationship depends upon a good understanding of people. The factor of understanding is applicable to the various phase of your life.

You can score good marks in your exams if you have a good understanding of your subjects. Besides that, it is also very important that you have a good understanding of your religion. If you have a good understanding of Islam the path of your life will be easier. Hence you should practice dua for good understanding to improve the level of your life.

The understanding of religion helps you in getting the true meaning of various rituals and beliefs. It will help you in understanding the presence of Allah everywhere because he is Omnipresent. Moreover, you will also understand how Allah is commanding the life of people and their surroundings.

Dua For Good Understanding

Dua For Good Understanding

Dua for good understanding will enable you to realize and appreciate the deeds of Allah. Besides that, you will also get an idea about the purpose of your life. Islam teaches so many good things to its followers and you will appreciate that only when you understand it.

There are many purposes of having belief on religion. If achieving salvation is the goal of your lie then you can get it through religion only. It is the teachings of a religion that teaches which path you should follow.

Dua for better understanding

Moreover, you get to know what is right or what is wrong when you have a better understanding. Hence if some doubts are creating obstacles in your path you should try dua for better understanding. All your doubts will be cleared with the help of this dua. Moreover, you will understand the actual purpose of your life and follow the right path.

It is your understanding that works as a guiding force for you on the path of your deeds. You will achieve success if you are right in your words and deeds. Moreover getting success is the only important factor you should also get inner peace through your deeds.

This inner peace will only come when you involve yourself in doing good things. And the sense of good things comes from the understanding of good deeds. Hence you should improve your level of understanding with the help of dua for good understanding. You will certainly see visible and positive changes in yourself after practicing this dua.

When you offer your prayers to Allah you should always ask for granting you wisdom so that you can use your wisdom for your betterment. If you are wise you will certainly understand the importance of teachings of Islam.

Dua for love and understanding

How should you behave with people around you comes with proper understanding? It is your understanding that teaches you to help the needy in their tough times. Besides that, your elders are the mine of wisdom and you should listen to their words carefully. If you are able to understand their advice you will face the challenges of your life with strength. Hence you should always take the help of dua for good understanding in the time of need.

If you have a problem in understanding the teaching of the books in your school and colleges you will have a problem in your academic career. Hence you should try the dua of wisdom for understanding what you have to learn from it. The books you have to learn have so many good things to tell you.

Because intellectual people have compiled their knowledge in the form of books. The purpose of preparing these books is that generally people gain knowledge and choose the correct path in their life. Hence you should take the help of dua for good understanding to gain a better understanding.

Dua for husband and wife understanding

If you recite the dua Allaahumma Allimnil-kitaaba wal-hikma(ta), wa-faqqihnee fid-deen you will understand what books are teaching you. This dua will fill your mind with wisdom hence you will be in a better position to move your life.

It is very important that you have the knowledge of taking the right decision of your life. Besides that, you should have an understanding of moving your life in the right direction. Hence you should practice this dua regularly to remain on the right path. Moreover, the level of your knowledge will go to higher levels with the help of dua.

It is also very important that people around you are able to understand what you are trying to tell them. Suppose you are a teacher and spend a good time teaching young students. Your profession is successful only if your students are getting your teaching.

The purpose of teaching should not only to deliver a lecture for the set time. The actual purpose of teaching should be that students understand the subject. Hence to make your style of teaching more effective you should make your students try dua for husband and wife understanding. If students do not understand your style of teaching then you are wasting your time. And there is no good in wasting yours and students time.

Dua for wisdom knowledge and understanding

Time is very important for all be it, teacher or student. Things will move quickly if your understanding is good. Your relations with people around you will be healthy if you have a better understanding of one other. Besides that, if you are in love relationships mutual understanding is very important.

Otherwise, your relationship will never flourish and it will come to an abrupt end. Hence understanding is very important at every stage of life for a healthy life. So the best way to improve understanding is to practice dua for good understanding.

Your life gives you so many chances to learn new things that are aimed at improving your lifestyle. If you fail to understand the meaning of these your development will be blocked. Hence, in a limited time, you should understand more things. This is possible if you practice dua for good understanding because it is very helpful.

Islam insists on reciting Sub-h’aana mallaa ya’tadee a’laa ahli mamlikatih. Sub-h’aana mallaa yaa-khudhu ahlal arz”i bi-alwaanil adhaab. Sub-h’aanar ra-oofur rah’eem. Allaahummaj-a’l fee qalbee nooranw wa bas’araa. Wa fahimanw wa i’lmaa. Innaka a’laa kulli shai-in qadeer after every ritual prayer.This dua will keep your memory awaken and powerful so that you will immediately grasp what you are hearing.

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