Dua For Evil Eye Protection

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Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For Evil Eye Protection or to protect family from evil eye can be use for evil eye protection for babies. You can use our dua for evil eye protection from quran to get protect from evil eye.

We live in a society that comprises of many types of people. Some are good that becomes friends, while others are bad and need to be kept away.

Many of the people wish good for you while others hate the way you are and often jealous of your happiness. A person who cannot get what you have gives the demon’s eye to you.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

To save you from such people, there is dua for evil eye protection. Chanting such dua will keep you and your family away from the evils. If you are successful you are living a happy life. Your family eats well and loves each other.

Also, children get good knowledge from schools and settle well by choosing good careers. There are also some families in your locality that may not have such good lives. They struggle for money, fight in their homes. Even their children choose the wrong path in life.

Finally, such a person lives a disastrous life. These are the people who are jealous of your happy life, thus gives you the devil eye. There are many of the dua in the Quran that you can recite in the morning and evening to safeguard your family.

Dua To Protect The Family From Evil Eye

Dua To Protect The Family From Evil Eye, As much as you believe that there are no such things as the devil or evil eye, but they do exist. Such evidence of their existence is also given in the holy book of the Quran. The evil eye is also known as ‘Al-ayn’ in the native Arabian language. Thus it is the act when people admire other family or belonging with an evil heart.

So to save your precious family and to belong from them, there is a dua to protect family from evil eye. Reciting such dua will protect you and your family from these devil’s eyes. Not everyone puts bad charm or evil eye on others. But who does intentionally give us serious loss? This jealousy of the person has to be tackle from coming towards you.

The answer to this lies in the Quran itself. You have to recite the following Surah al-Falaq, Surah Al-Naas, Surah al-Ikhlaas. Also,  Ayat ul-Kursi and Surah Baqarah.

They are one of the powerful tools to protect you and your family from the evil eye. You have to recite them daily in the morning and evening to get perfect results. Your mind and body should be pure. Also, dedication is a must.

Moreover, Prophet PBUH also has given some of the Duas that can also be of use in such cases. Among these is the Saheeh duaas to suppress the evil.

These devil’s eye is nothing but the jealousy of the people towards others. No matter how well you live and how good you are to society. You have to perform such dua to keep you and your family safe from these evil forces.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection For Babies

Dua For Evil Eye Protection For Babies, Children are one form of Allah, and he loves them dearly. But we must also keep them safe from the people who do not appreciate them or are jealous. For this, there is dua for evil eye protection for babies. The protection of the children is the responsibility and duty of the parents.

If you want to keep your children safe from evil forces, you can use Prophetic ways. Firstly you can use the Dua of Hassan and Al-Hassan. This dua is to be performed over your young children in the morning and evening when your children go out of the house.

Secondly, recite the three chapters of the Quran from last. They are Quran and Ayat ul-kursi. They are well-known chapters for protection of your valuable properties. So you have to recite these chapters and wipe your hand over your children’s head before they sleep.

Thirdly, Ayatul Kursi is also known for protection from these devil’s eyes. Parents should daily perform this dua and give a blessing over their children. The recitation of the well known Surah Al- Baqarah is also known for keeping the devil away from your home and to live peacefully.

One of the important factors is the cleanliness of your house as dirty places attract the devil. The toilets in your home are one of them. So care has to be taken in maintaining the cleanliness of your toilets and bathroom. It is important that you teach these cleanliness and other good manners to your children too. That will make them a perfect human being, and the devil never approaches a person with pure soul.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection From The Quran

Dua For Evil Eye Protection From The Quran, Many of the Muslims believe that there exists an evil eye. So they often try dua for evil eye protection from the Quran. To save themselves and their family they try many duas to keep these devils away.

The veil eye often comes from another person’s evil intention. When you see the happiness of others or the things that they possess you desire the same. You are jealous of them, and thus the effect of an evil eye comes. These duas are for protection against such evil’s eye.

So according to the Quran, there are two surahs of Falaq and Nas. Sural Ikhlas is also one of them. They are the best for protection against the evil eye. The Prophet SAW is well known in giving such chapters from the Quran to his disciplines. They are the three main chapters of the Quran. Also, he says to recite them thrice in the morning and even in the evening.

Prophet Ibraheem has given Sunan Ibn Majah the way to suppress the effects of evil’s eye. He made this for his grandchildren’s ones and was successful. Anyway, if the person is pure by heart and appreciates the happiness of others there is no need for these concepts of protection.

Also, people should understand that good thing come to everyone’s weather late. As we all are children of God and he wants every one of us to be happy. He will certainly not like it when we are jealous of others. You have to praise the goodness of others and be happy for them. Surely good things will come for you too.

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