Dua For Aggressive Husband - A Powerful Solution in 7 Days

Dua For Aggressive Husband – A Powerful Solution in 7 Days 5/5 (22)

Dua For Aggressive Husband – A Powerful Solution in 7 Days

Dua for aggressive husband provide you all solution related to your husband, this is remove anger and stubbornness. It also calm husband down and removing frustration from husband.

Anger and aggressiveness are considered as harmful elements of your personality. Above all violence is the destructive force that harms you as well as others. In relationship anger and aggressiveness can be a real destruction.

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Generally, anger can cause a rift in relations that can never be bridged. Especially in the case of marital relations, the situation can go up to divorce. In this case, what we see is that the male partner is the one who is the aggressor.

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Dua For Aggressive Husband

Dua For Aggressive Husband

Well, it’s apparent that you would not like your husband to be aggressive. The aggressiveness of your husband can be the foundation of destabilization in the first place.

However, to tackle his anger with anger is something you can’t do. Furthermore, violence from both your side and husband can hurt children and other family members.

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This kind of situation can soon rip the relation and family apart. In this case, you need to take actions to arrest the situation. However, the question what you can do and how?

Dua for aggressive husband is the answer to all your queries. Dua for dynamic husband is a holy and pious method. As a result of performing dua, you would soon see the difference.

The process of Dua for aggressive husband is as follows:

  • Take a bath in the first place
  • Next, wear clean clothes
  • To begin with sit in a place where you perform Namaz
  • Now recite:

“Aaoozu Billahe

Minashshaitan Nirrajeem”

  • Recite this for a total of 100 times
  • In the meanwhile pray to the Almighty for husband
  • Finally, recite:

“Ya Ayyo Halladina ‘AmanoosTa’noo

Bissabr Wassalat Inna Lillaha M’assabereen”

  • Recite this for a total of 100 times
  • Regularly perform the dua for seven days.

Soon results would be by your side.

Dua To Remove Anger And Stubbornness

Anger and stubbornness on the part of your husband can be a real strain for relations. It takes out the romance and loves out of the equation in the first place. Moreover, the long term stability of marriage is also affected.

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Generally, anger and stubbornness on the part of the male partner are taken as usual. However, this happens to be the one great example of a preconceived notion. Anger and stubbornness can never help you in enjoying a stable life.

The only way out for a healthy relationship to work is to take away anger. Anger coupled with stubbornness is the perfect recipe for high scale disturbance in matrimonial ties.

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Thus, the best possible way to tackle it is to remove it but how this can be done. How can you control anger and stubbornness of your husband? The answer to all these questions is one.

Dua to remove anger and stubbornness is that answer. Dua to eliminate violence and determination can soon bring you desired results. The process to perform

Powerful Dua To Remove Anger And Stubbornness from Husband:

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Perform Wudu in the first place
  • Wear neat and clean clothes
  • To begin with, getting in a silent place
  • Now, recite:

“Aaoozu Billahe

Minashshaitan Nirrajeem”

  • Finally, recite:

“Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo

istaAAeenoo bialssabri waalssalati

inna Allaha maAAa alssabireena”

  • Perform this dua regularly for seven days

As a result of performing dua result would soon be your side.

Dua To Calm Husband Down

Calm and composed behavior of husband is a key to the success of your relationship. When your husband is gentle, he listens to you. Moreover, he agrees to the valid concerns of yours.

However, anger on his mind takes away his ability to thinking in the first place. Furthermore, this exposes the relationship to the vulnerabilities of instability. Your relation can come to a standstill.

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In situations such as this, you need to show proactive behavior. It’s up to you to change the course of action. To make your husband, obedient, disciplined and calm, there is a need for you to step in.

The question that might be bothering is you is how? In the meantime, the angry and aggressive attitude of your husband can make thing further difficult. The situation becomes more complicated especially when you have kids.

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Kids are affected adversely by disability in husband-wife relations. Thus, for the sake of your kids, husband above all the family you need to take prompt actions. In this regards, you alone have to take the stride.

Dua to calm husband down is what you need at this stage. Dua to calm husband down is an effective solution to bring you results. As a result of performing dua, you would start to notice calmness in his behavior.

Step by Step Guide for Dua to calm husband down:

  • Perform Wudu in the first place
  • Wear neat and ironed clothes
  • To begin with pray the Almighty
  • Next, recite the dua:

Allahumma Sallie Ale

Muhammad WA Ale Aali

Muhammadeen Kama Sallaita

Ale Ibrahim Wa Ale Aali Ibrahim

Inaka Hamdum Maajid Allahumma

Barik Ala Muhammadeen Wa Ala Ali

Muhammadeen Kama Barakta Ala Ibrahim

Wa Ala Aali Ibrahim Inna aka Hami dum


  • Recite this for 11 times
  • Finally, pray to God for calming down the husband.

Regularly perform this dua for seven days. Soon results would be by your side.

Dua For Removing Frustration From Husband

The presence of failure on the part of your husband is not a good sign. Defeat in the first place is the trigger for more significant instabilities. In this case, talking to your husband knowing the cause of frustration is a right approach.

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However, when the level of his frustration is high, this technique would not work. Generally, at the height of defeat, the person is filled with anger. Same would be the case with your husband.

Dua for removing frustration from the husband

Dua for removing frustration from the husband

At this stage his frustration can cause harm to others. Especially you and kids are vulnerable to the effect of his anger. This can be a terrifying situation for your family to tackle.

Thus, taking actions in advance is the best way to handle out such situations. If you are thinking about how you can handle such cases, then don’t worry. We have got an effective solution for you.

Dua for removing frustration from the husband is that effective solution. As a result of performing the dua, you would be able to bring down the level of his defeat. Soon you see a change in the attitude of your husband.

Way to Perform Dua for removing frustration from the husband is as follows:

  • In the first place perform wudu
  • Dress up in neat clothes
  • To begin with recite two rakt Namaz Nafil
  • Next, show Sajda
  • In the meanwhile pray to God for your husband
  • Imagine the face of your husband while performing the dua
  • Finally, recite Durood Ibrahimi
  • Recite this for a total of 100 times

Soon the results would be on your side. Keep faith in the Almighty and perform your deeds.

What Dua to Read for Angry Husband?

If your husband is angry with you, and you want to diffuse the case, there are a few things you can do. One is to try and understand what might be causing his anger. If it is something that you have done, then try to apologize and make things right. If his rage seems unjustified, try to talk to him calmly and reason with him. Sometimes, simply showing your willingness to listen and understand can help diffuse a situation.

Another thing you can do is perform a special dua for an angry husband. This dua is designed to help ease the tension between spouses and make your husband more forgiving and understanding. To perform this dua, you will need to recite the following passage from the Quran:

“And among His signs is this: He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may find rest and tranquility in them, and He ordained love and mercy between you. ” (Quran 30:21)

After reciting this passage, make a dua to Allah that He will help ease the tension between you and your husband and strengthen your relationship. Insha’Allah, with the help of this dua, your husband will soon calm down, and everything will return to normal between you very soon.

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