Candle Love Spells To Bring Back A Lover

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Candle Love Spells To Bring Back A Lover

Candle Love Spells To Bring Back A Lover or to get ex back can be use to attract love. You can use our simple love spells to bring him back if you are serious in love.

Candles have extensive use in casting magical spells. Undoubtedly, it is the most effective and the simplest spell. There are a vast number of problems where you can apply the candle spells.

Candle Love Spells To Bring Back A Lover

Candle Love Spells To Bring Back A Lover

But, love problems are the most common one. Though candle spells are simple, you must cast it carefully. The only thing it requires the most is your focus and sincerity. In case if you face any difficulties, you must consult our spell casting experts.

Candle Love Spell To Get Ex Back

If you want to cast the candle love spells to get ex back, you must know the procedure before executing it. The color of the candle matters for the type of spells you are casting. One thing you should keep in your mind that if you make a mistake while choosing the color, you will not get the desired results. You can choose white if you don’t find the references for your spells.

We prefer soy candles or natural beeswax candle over the regular petroleum-based candles. The time you have chosen the most suitable and appropriate candle, you can modify it as per the needs. This step is generally known as preparing the candle. After that, you must apply the holy anointing oil on the candle.

Then, carve symbols and letters as per the objective of your spell. Put the candle on your most preferred hand, and the other hand must be kept in such a way that it can get the cosmic energies around the universe. You must feel the energy coming to you. Imagine the positive results that you expect after you cast the candle love spell to get ex back.

After that, you must put the candle in a holder and get ready to cast the candle love spell to get ex back.

Follow The Following Steps To Cast The Spell:

  1. Clean up your place as well as your mind. Keep yourself calm, just like a person does when meditating. Then, take the candle while imagining the results. Let your other hand transfer energy that you have received from the universe.
  2. Lit your candle up and keep thinking and imagining the results. Your imaginations must contain positive results only. Keep your eyes concentrating on the igniting candle and let your hands focus on the energy.
  3. Let your candle burn completely.

Simple Love Spells To Bring Him Back

If your lover has gone long from your life, you must go for the simple love spells to bring him back.Spells have such kind of potential that can bring anyone back to you through the mysterious energies. These energies let your lover get attracted to you after you cast the simple love spells to bring him back.

Follow The Procedure Carefully

  1. Take a red candle.
  2. Carve the name of your lover whom you want to bring back into your life.
  3. Take a knife or a nail and pierce it a bit. A small tip is enough.
  4. The name you have written must cover the whole candle but leave at least one inch part void.
  5. Take olive oil and do the anointment of your candle.
  6. After that, place it in the holder.
  7. Take a rose plant and take out seven thorns out from it.
  8. Pins can work for the substitute if you could not find a rose plant.
  9. Place the thorns or pins on the carved letters on the candle.
  10. Lit your candle up and imagine your lover returning to your side while keeping the candle ignited.
  11. Now, chant the spells
  12. The simple spell is “powers of all the galaxies in this universe bring (the name of your love) back to my side, this is what I want, and so mote it is.
  13. The thorns will farestth burning of the candle. In the same way, your love comes back to you.

The simple love spells to bring him back will work for you effectively.

Candle Spell To Attract Love

Use the candle spell to attract love. If you are facing trouble while trying your best to attract your love, we have come up with the most powerful candle spell to attract love.

Kindly Follow The Instructions

  1. Take a white candle (virgin). You must choose the right candle that is thick enough for you to carve a name on it. A 4 to 5 inches long candle can work appropriately. Undoubtedly, choosing as small as you can take your least time to complete the spells.
  2. You must put the candle in a holder. In case if you don’t have one, kindly put it in your table.
  3. Near the candle, you must keep the essentials that are valued to you. Choose such essentials that signify your love to certain things. For example, you can use something like a rose petal if you love rose.
  4. You must look for a white rose plant as you will need its thorns so that you can carve letters on the candle.
  5. If you could not find it out, you may use a knife instead.
  6. You must write the following words on your virgin candle.
  7. “The power of the universe help me.”
  8. You have to write it three times on the candle at any cost.
  9. Take the candle and put it back to the holder or tabletop.
  10. Lit it up.
  11. Your emphasis must be on the candle the time it ignites.
  12. Keep gazing at it while it burns and portrays the image of your lover coming back to you.
  13. Keep doing while it burns.
  14. When the candle has wholly burnt, collect the leftovers and wrap it up.
  15. Put the essentials in a white paper and keep the rest of it preserved in helps

You must follow the step by step simple instructions for the effectiveness of the candle spell to attract love.

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